4 September 2018


SUBJECT: Command Policy Order Format for the Regimental Combat Team


Pursuant to the remarkable growth of the Regimental Combat Team, it is now necessary to allow for Command Policy Orders from not only the Regimental Combat Team Headquarters, but also the component commands of the RCT.

Command Policy Orders will henceforth be numbered in the following format:
CPO (Command Policy Order)
Unit designation
Date (YYMM)
Number of order in that month, beginning with 01, lead with a zero under 10.

RCT – Regimental Combat Team. Applies to all component commands.
FTS – Fort Shorncliffe
CNC – Castle New Caladan
SGC – Sandgate Castle
YGG – Yggdrasil

So, a Command Policy Order numbered CPO-YGG-1810-01 would be the first Command Policy Order issued to all members of Yggdrasil Home Guard in the month of October, 2018.
Command Policy Orders are used to set Standard Operating Procedures for units, announce changes in unit command or composition, issue promotions or awards, etc. All important changes within the RCT should be represented by a Command Policy Order. When drafted, the Command Policy Order should be published in three places: Facebook (the Regimental group and the group of the affected component commands,) the 37th RCT Document Center, and TexMechs.org. The file naming convention for the Command Policy Order should be the order’s number followed by a short title.

Example: CPO-RCT-1801-01 Promotions.docx

This standard is effective 4 September 2018.

Colonel, RMA
Officer Commanding, 37th RCT “The Royal Dragoon Guards”
First Baron New Caladan