About Us

THE ROYAL DRAGOON GUARDS can trace its lineage as a club back to the year 1995, when it was founded as the Caladan Highland Dragoons.  The original CHD had more than thirty active MechWarriors and ran a five-year campaign spanning the Clan invasion and its aftermath.  When the members of the CHD moved on to focus on LARP and Star Trek fandom, the undercurrent of BattleTech never quite went away.  The 342nd MSG, a part of STARFLEET: The International Star Trek Fan Association, kept the BattleTech torch burning until the membership decided to return to BattleTech full-time in 2008, founding the Royal Dragoon Guards as it currently exists.
Since its founding, the RDG has branched out to embrace other game worlds, most recently Dungeons & Dragons and Star Wars.  The RDG has also affiliated with The Royal Manticoran Navy, the fandom organization for David Weber’s Honor Harrington novel series.  The club maintains a martial atmosphere appropriate to the source material of the BattleTech game, and members can earn rank and qualifications within the organization.  As the scope of the RDG expands, so, too do the games and qualifications available for members.  Through the Royal Manticoran Army’s Marksmanship Program, which rewards members for hours played at all sorts of games, the members of the RDG earn recognition for their gaming efforts.
The RDG does more than game.  Cosplay is encouraged, showing off creativity and the love of the game worlds we visit.  We engage in community service, such as our Dollar Re-Roll program benefiting The Backpack Coalition, or our efforts with Extra Life and its game days.  We make road trips to places like the Battleship USS Texas and North Texas RPG Con.  We have after-hours video game and social game sessions, go see movies as a group, basically do all the things a good gaming club aught to do.  But we make it look good.
If you’re interested in tabletop games, aren’t afraid to garb up, and enjoy the martial traditions and atmosphere of the RDG- come check us out.  There’s always room for a new Dragoon.