Commander’s Intent : July 2017

Greetings, Dragoons.

This will be the first of what I hope to be regular installments of “Commander’s Intent.”  Our web site doesn’t get as much use as it should, and part of that is lack of attention given by the staff.  We’ve all got busy lives outside of the RDG, and sometimes we don’t get a lot of the things done that we think will be awesome.  Well, having and not keeping it updates is a bit of a missed opportunity, so I’m going to try to make monthly posts under the “Commander’s Intent” column to keep information flowing.

The concept of Commander’s Intent is defined as follows:

The commander’s intent succinctly describes what constitutes success for the operation. It includes the operation’s purpose and the conditions that define the end state. It links the mission, concept of operations, and tasks to subordinate units.

So, basically, Commander’s Intent is what the Officer Commanding seeks to accomplish.  It may well end up spelled out definitively in a series of WARNOs, FRAGOs, and OPORDS but boil it down and it’s what the commander ultimately wants to accomplish.  I think this is a good way to look at my articles for the web site, and my vision for the RDG as long as I’m our Officer Commanding.  So, what is it that the OC of the unit would like to see done?  Glad you asked.

First, before I ask members to do for the RDG, allow me to express my gratitude to some members for services they have just rendered.  It is within my authority as OC of the unit to present the Mentioned in Dispatches sleeve stripe to members who give of their time and energy to make things happen for the unit.  On Saturday, 1 July 2017 the following personnel rendered service worthy of mention in the dispatches by providing event planning and support above and beyond what was strictly required:

  • CPT Sir Edward Covarrubias, KE, GS, QBM
  • 1LT Jessica Hench
  • SGM Eric Stolle
  • PFC Christina Clevenger
  • PVT Isis Reed
  • PVT(HG) Judy Sustare

Additional Dragoon personnel brought food and supplies, but event planning, equipement construction or cooking was done by those mentioned above.

So, with these thanks given for the hard work of our members, what is the Commander’s Intent for the RDG in the coming months?

  1. Maintain the excellent energy level we’ve had since returning from North Texas RPG Con.  This will include the establishment of a regular gaming campaign for those Dragoons in the Austin AO who are not currently in CPT Covarrubias’ Star Wars game, if practicable.
  2. Reaching out to Dragoons who haven’t made a meeting in some time.  We miss those personnel, and would love to get some more regular games going. That can only happen when we start seeing more regular folks at meetings.  It’s great to see so many faces, but consistency is important if we’re going to get actual campaigns up and running.
  3. Reaching out to our prospective new Dragoons – folks who have showed interest in the unit since North Texas RPG Con.
  4. Working with Student Life to continue the Level Up! events and perhaps even another Game Day.
  5. Attempting to send a team up to LongCon in November to help this small OSR Con get up and off the ground.
  6. We have lined up guest game designers to talk to the membership at future events – Cheryl Rae, designer of the Alchemy board game in July, Jeff Dee and Manda of UniGames, designers of CaveMaster and Mighty Protectors/Villains & Vigilantes and Bethorm among other games in August, and James Spahn, designer of Hero’s Journey and White Star in September.
  7. Keep working on our “go kit” for convention support.  Character sheets, business cards, name tags, etc.
  8. Work on getting all hands into Con Minimum if they are interested in representing the club.
  9. Get our “shiny” up to snuff for upcoming awards ceremony.

I’ll be more specific on all of these in the future, but off the top of my head, there’s the things I want to see us work on.  We’ve already got some amazing people and some amazing games.  All that remains is to dial in the details and keep things rolling.  I hope to have all our Dragoons along for the ride, along with a few new ones!

In Service,

Jeffrey A. Webb
Major, RMA
Officer Commanding, Royal Dragoon Guards