Commander’s Intent – March 2018

Greetings, Dragoons.

This is our first Commander’s Intent of 2018, and the first I’ve written as Officer Commanding, 37th RCT.  This means some changes have occurred in the RMA and the Texas AO since the last Commander’s Intent.

At the High Command level, Marshal of the Army Sir Kevin Horner has retired, his successor is our former Chief of Staff, newly-minted Marshal of the Army Sir Peter Gordon, Baron Cumberland Moor.  The new chief of Staff is Lieutenant Colonel Dame Heather Selbe, Baroness Blacksburg.  Moving into the ODCSOPS position is Colonel Brian Chappell, to whom the Regiment will report.

The Royal Dragoon Guards is now the 37th Regimental Combat Team of Her Majesty’s Army, and all Army installtions within the state of Texas will fall under that banner.  Myself and Acting Lieutenant Colonel Sir Edward Covarrubias will be heading up the Regimental Staff, with help from 2LT Jessica Hench as Regimental Operations Officer and Acting Sergeant Major Clevenger as Regimental Sergeant Major.  Fort Shorncliffe will be commanded by Acting Major Eric Stolle, with 1LT Raul Trevino as XO, and Acting Sergeant Major Clevenger filling the SNCO role at the Fort as well.  Sandgate Castle continues to be under the watchful eye of 1LT(HG) Dennis Sustare.  Will we add more units to the Regiment in 2018?  I certainly hope so.

One of our main jobs on the organizational side of the club is to make sure everyone knows their jobs, the duties entailed, and who their backup is.  We want to make sure each member has an accessible point of contact, and at least one regular communications channel through which meeting information flows.  Member recognition is a big concern for us, we want to keep all you Dragoons motivated and recognized for the hard work you do.  All of this means paperwork, the part of the club that’s decidedly not fun.

So, let’s talk about the fun parts.  We have three solid campaigns running right now- Star Wars, Dungeons & Dragons 5e, and MechWarrior. The players seem to be enjoying themselves, and the GMs are, too.  Regular gaming is our #1 mission, but in addition to that we’ve got a lot more coming up.  HavenCon, ChupacabraCon, North Texas RPG Con, International Tabletop Day, even invading the local Roller Derby league.  The RDG is keeping busy, and I speak for the entire staff when I say we want each and every Dragoon along for the ride.

So… Commander’s Intent.  Let’s look over the things I posted last time and see where we are:

  1. Energy level.  Well, we have better average attendance and three games going.  I’m going to call this one a win.
  2. Reaching out to lapsed Dragoons.  This is an ongoing project, and we’re about to assign some new Dragoons to it.  Call it In Progress.
  3. Reaching out to new Dragoons.  This one has worked well- we have several new members since that post was made.  But we’re never done recruiting.  In Progress.
  4. Working with Student Life?  We just completed a Level Up! event last week, and have another next week.  Plus, we’re putting International Tabletop Day on the books, so… Win.  But also In Progress.
  5. Long Con.  None of us made it, but we’re going to try again this year.
  6. Guest Speakers/Designers- This has been a lot of fun. We’ve had game authors and roller derby girls, let’s see if we can’t keep that going.  In Progress.
  7. Go Kits.  We’ve deployed one to the Houston AO, and are working on three more.  In Progress.
  8. All hands in Con Minimum.  This one has been fairly successful, and is continuing to move.  With clarification of the Con Minimum AO, we now know we can deck our our polos in a more uniform manner.  In Progress.
  9. Shiny Factor.  Now that we know it’s a “go” with the vast majority of the membership, we can work harder on this one.  See below for information on RDG BOT.

As you can see, we’ve only fallen short on one goal, visiting Long Con.  Hopefully we’ll remedy that this year.  The rest of our goals are either met or in progress.  I call that a win.  My Commander’s Intent for 2018 is to keep rolling with the In Progress points, to put down on paper our job descriptions, duties that need to be performed, and other institutional knowledge for the running of the club, and execute our Staff Development Day and RDG Basic Orientation Training.

RDG BOT is supposed to be a day or two of training, gaming, and fun.  The idea is to bring all hands up to a common level of knowledge on how our club operates, and the basic “shiny” factor needed for our events.  Once this knowledge is commonplace in the chapters, it won’t feel so difficult to shine up the unit for award ceremonies and the like.  Plus, we’re structuring the BOT to knock out promotion requirements, awards and three Marksman qualifications so that when members “Graduate” they are set for several of their boxtops.

2018 is looking to be rather awesome.  I look forward to rolling dice with all of you!

Jeffrey A. Webb, CS, MG
Colonel, RMA
Officer Commanding, 37th RCT “The Royal Dragoon Guards”