CPO-1601-01 Duties of the Platoon Leader

As of 8 JAN 2016 the duties of Platoon Leader in The Royal Dragoon Guards / Fort Shorncliffe will be defined as follows:


  • Compile and maintain contact information for the assigned platoon members and ensure Operations has that information.
  • Ensure that all members of the platoon have information on the activities and events that apply. This can be as simple as forwarding the link to the Facebook event page or sending out a group text/email.
  • Check the Facebook RSVP list NLT the Wednesday preceding each event and ensure that each platoon member has responded Attending, Not Attending, or Interested. If the member is still listed on the “Invited” list but has not responded, contact that platoon member and have them respond.
  • If for some reason a platoon member cannot use the Facebook system, post their attending/not attending status in the event invite NLT the Wednesday preceding each event.
  • Keep track of platoon members who cannot be reached or do not respond. This information will be used to determine if a member needs to be moved to the inactive list.
  • Post to the Facebook event when you have made positive contact with each member of your Platoon. At the latest, post NLT the Thursday preceding each event with the list of platoon members who fail to respond. Once again, this will be used to clue us in to communication issues, or members who are simply no longer interested enough to participate.
    *Report any problems with members or club operations to the Staff.
  • Encourage members to use Facebook as the primary mode of RDG communication.
  • Be an encouraging influence on platoon members in matters of attendance, game participation, and participation in the award/promotion system.
  • Identify platoon members who are worthy of recognition and ensure the Staff is informed.
  • Set the example by being at events before start time, observing RDG customs and courtesies and expecting the same of your platoon members, and wearing RDG or RMA t-shirts, polos or uniform garb when appropriate.

Platoon Standards –
Active Member Platoon (Local) – Contact each member for each event.
Active Member Platoon (Distance) – Contact each member for each online event.
Reserve Member Platoon (Local) – Find out the desired activity level of each platoon member and contact accordingly, no less than once per quarter (JAN, APR, JUL, OCT) Some members may have a point of contact other than themselves. Use that PoC at the member’s request.
Reserve Member Platoon (Distance) – As with Reserve (Local) but with online events.
Inactive Platoon – The Inactive list will be managed by the staff. Inactive members will be contacted semi-annually, and removed from the Inactive list after a period of time.
ALL Platoons – Pass along any events that might appeal to your members within your AO. Distance members can attend local events if they are able. Local members may attend online events if they so desire. Find out if any of your platoon members are interested in such things, and keep them informed.

Platoon Classifications –
1st Platoon Able Company (2LT Aguinaga) – Active (Local)
2nd Platoon Able Company (2LT Bratteng) – Reserve (Local)
1st Platoon Baker Company (2LT Hench) – Active (Distance)
2nd Platoon Baker Company (TBD) – Active (Local)