CPO-1601-02 Failure to Report Guidelines

All members assigned to a platoon are required by the tenets of RDG membership to respond to their Platoon chain when an event concerning their platoon is announced. Local events need not be responded to by members assigned to a distance platoon, but those in the Austin area may attend. Likewise, distance platoon events need not be RSVP’d by Austin area Dragoons, unless they wish to participate with the distance members. Standard Austin-area events should be responded to by 1st and 2nd Platoons, Able Company (Aguinaga and Bratteng) and 2nd Platoon Bravo (TBD).

Any member who fails to respond more than three times in the next 90 days will be moved to the inactive list. The onus is on the Platoon Leaders to make sure their Dragoons understand this as completely as possible. Members who have Reserve status for job, school or family reasons must still arrange with their Platoon chain some sort of frequency of contact to maintain their interest in the organization. For instance, PVT Andrew Covarrubias is interested in board games and museum trips, as long as his platoon chain is aware that this is his interest level and it is understood that contact is to be made through his son, 1LT Edward Covarrubias, due diligence has been done. A member who neither makes such an arrangement nor communicates their wishes and interest level to their Platoon chain will be moved to the Inactive list once their Platoon Leader reports that they have failed to communicate with the RDG in a timely or reliable fashion.

Please note this policy is not intended to penalize or exclude anyone. We know we have members who have jobs and other hobbies that take of their time. A Dragoon wishing to, for example, work Sherwood or TRF is welcome to do so- but should communicate such to their chain so the Game Masters and Staff can plan events appropriately. A Dragoon who wishes to participate only in some events is welcome to do so, but must communicate that to their Platoon chain so that such events can be planned. We welcome any and all who WANT to participate as long as they communicate that wish to the club staff AND abide by the customs and courtesies of the club while in attendance.

This policy can and will result in a trimming of the “active” members of the RDG / Fort Shorncliffe into a smaller “active” core that will be the basis of roleplaying campaigns and other activities going forward. Members that cannot be bothered to care enough to establish and maintain communications with all the resources the Battalion Staff and Platoon staffs make available would simply seem to have other priorities and will find their way to the Inactive list, and after twelve months find their way off the rolls completely.