CPO-1608-01 New RDG Members and TRMN Membership

Effective 23 AUGUST 2016, all new members of The Royal Dragoon Guards shall as a component of becoming members also apply for free membership in The Royal Manticoran Navy, our parent organization.  This membership is free of charge and carries with it no obligation to the parent organization that is not already assumed in membership in The Royal Dragoon Guards.  The 90-day Recruit period referenced in the RDG MHB 02.01 begins on the date of membership in TRMN.  If for any reason a member is not approved by the membership under that same section of the MHB at the end of their 90-day period, their TRMN membership will be transferred to the holding chapter of their TRMN Division.

Members may still wear RDG specific t-shirts and polos to satisfy the Convention Minimum Uniform requirement of the organization unless the event is explicitly TRMN-only in nature.  This means normal meetings, outings, etc.  The Royal Dragoon Guards shall remain its own fan organization, with Fort Shorncliffe, Sandgate Castle HG, and any other TRMN identities that may be created for other branches of that organization being aspects of the RDG within TRMN.  “Royal Dragoon Guards” or “RDG” shall refer to the entire collection of entities, where “Fort Shorncliffe”, “Sandgate Castle HG” etc. refer to specific subsets of the RDG in their TRMN identities.

This requirement may be satisfied by joining any branch of The Royal Manticoran Navy organization – the preferences being Royal Manticoran Army and Home Guard.  Any branch is acceptable, including the Civilian Corps and Sphinx Forestry Service.

The intention of this Command Policy is to consolidate policies, procedures and member recognition policies within the organization.  It is far more effective and efficient for the Staff to administrate the organization if all standards and programs fall under one organizational scheme.  Since membership in TRMN costs nothing, and no obligation is incurred upon membership in the organization while allowing a member access to the Academy, Marksmanship, and Awards programs, the RDG Staff has concluded that this policy does not place any undue barrier to membership in the RDG as nothing is required from members above and beyond what is already expected of an RDG member save the application for a free membership.  As evidenced by two years in the organization, familiarity with the Honorverse source material is not a strict requirement for recognition or advancement.

If the Royal Dragoon Guards should vote per section 00.02 of the Royal Dragoon Guards Membership Handbook to withdraw from TRMN, Command Policy Order CPO-1608-01 shall be rescinded on the date that withdrawal takes effect.