CPO-1608-02 Updated and Clarified Uniform Policy

Per the RDG Membership Handbook Appendix II, advancement in The Royal Dragoon Guards requires ownership of the Convention Minimum Uniform or above.  Members at ALL levels, including basic members, are highly encouraged to own the Convention Minimum Uniform.  Members who wish to have additional uniforms of higher precedence may do so.

Uniform Precedence

  • Convention Minimum Uniform (T-Shirt)
  • Convention Minimum Uniform (Polo)
  • No. 5 Battledress / TRMN-approved Battledress
  • Service Dress
  • Dress
  • Mess Dress

Convention Minimum Uniform

The Convention Minimum Uniform consists of an RDG or TRMN t-shirt or polo shirt with trousers and beret.  While the T-Shirt is acceptable and the most commonly worn uniform at meetings, the polo shirt is preferred as insignia may be pinned to the collar for events.  Button-down shirts with organizational logos over the left breast pocket are also acceptable Convention Minimum Uniforms.

T-Shirts may be purchased at the following links:

RDG: http://royaldragoons.qbstores.com/
TRMN: http://trmn.spreadshirt.com/

Polos may be purchased at the following links:

RDG: http://royaldragoons.qbstores.com/TRMN: http://trmn.qbstores.com/

The official color for RDG polo shirts is black.  RMA Polos should be the “Dark Green” color from Queensboro.  Home Guard polos are the Kelly Green color from Queensboro.

The preferred trousers for the Convention Minimum Uniform are BDU/Tactical Trousers or Slacks.  Black jeans are acceptable.  Olive Drab or Black are the preferred colors.  Members who own the No. 5 Battledress uniform may wear the same trousers for Convention Minimum.

The Headgear for the Convention Minimum Uniform and all uniforms above are the Beret.  Beret color is dictated by the division of TRMN in which the member serves.  Members of the RDG who are not TRMN (Only possible with join dates before 23 AUG 2016) may wear a black beret instead of the RMA green.  Locally, our Home Guard unit is authorized by their commander to wear Aussie-style hats.  See 1LT(HG) Sustare for details.

Berets may be purchased from Amazon here.

No. 5 Battledress

The No. 5 Battledress uniform as proposed by 1LT(HG) Dennis Sustare in lieu of an official Royal Manticoran Army field uniform.  This uniform has been adopted locally by Shorncliffe and Sandgate to fulfill the dual purpose of field uniform and service dress uniform, as the Royal Manticoran Army Service Dress Uniform is difficult and expensive to procure.  In lieu of any more formal unifom, this is the “official” uniform of the RDG and encouraged for procurement by all ranks.

No 5. Battledress consists of headgear, shirt, web belt, trousers and boots.

Headgear is the RMA beret or Home Guard Aussie Hat.

The shirt is the Propper Long-Sleeve Tactical Shirt in Olive Drab, and can be purchased HERE.

The trousers are Propper Olive Drab, and can be purchased HERE.

A standard black web belt or rigger belt is currently prescribed.  In the future, and etched custom buckle may become available.

Black combat boots or tactical boots are authorized for this uniform.

Placement of Rank Insignia and Patches will be identical to that described in The Soldier’s Handbook for the Royal Manticoran Army Service Dress Uniform.

Members of the RDG who are not TRMN (Only possible with join dates before 23 AUG 2016) may wear this uniform with the RDG unit patch in place of RMA unit patch, and the MechWarrior House or Clan patch of their choice on the right sleeve in place of the RMA patch.

Service Dress, Dress, Mess Dress

These uniforms are worn as defined in the proper TRMN documents for the TRMN Branch of the individual member.  There is no official RDG-only uniform above the No. 5 Battledress level.  Members who own a previously authorized dress uniform may continue to wear it for formal events.  No 5. Battledress may be worn in lieu of any level uniform save Mess Dress if the member does not own the requisite uniform.  Service Dress and above may be worn for any event, with formal civilian attire preferred at formal events if only the Convention Minimum uniform is owned.