CPO 1708-04 Establishment of Specialist Grades in the Royal Dragoon Guards

Pursuant to Admiralty Order 17-7-01 concerning the new promotion regulations and “tracks,” the Dragoon Guards hereby adopt a local rank title variant in following with the ancient traditions of Commonwealth regiments with local titles like “Corporal of Horse” and “Chosen Man.” In light of the role of members on the Service track being more activity and service oriented and less academic and leadership oriented, all members on the service track with default to the following rank titles and insignia:

GRADE Abbrev Title Insignia
E-3 SP3 Specialist-3 Single Blue Rocker
E-4 SP4 Specialist-4 Double Blue Rocker
E-5 SP5 Specialist-5 Triple Blue Rocker
E-6 SP6 Specialist-6 Triple Blue Rocker with Blue Chevron
E-7 SP7 Specialist-7 Triple Blue Rocker with Double Chevron

Specialists of all grades are addressed as “Specialist.”  Members on the Service Track who are placed into NCO billets may “laterally promote” to the NCO title of their grade.

Collar Insignia for Specialists will be constructed using subdued insignia trimmed to the proper number of chevrons/rockers and painted Army blue.  Sleeve insignia will use standard TRMN insignia.