CPO 1708-05 Promotions 15 August 2017


Pursuant to the new promotion requirements listed in Admiralty Order 1707-01, I hereby authorize the following promotions:

Cadet Promotions (SFS Rank)
RMN-3925-16 Anya Houser to C-2
RMN-3926-16 Inara Houser to C-2
RMN-3927-16 Jadzia Houser to C-3
RMN-4361-17 Sean Short to C-3
RMN-2415-14 Carlie Godbee to C-4
RMN-2329-15 Darrius Breaux to C-4

Cadet Promotion (RDG Internal)
RMN-2105-15 Zane Webb to Cadet Specialist-3

Promotions to E-2 (Private First Class)
RMN-2736-14 Andrew Covarrubias
RMN-2478-14 Andrew Garrison
RMN-2738-14 Dimitris Lynch
RMN-2769-14 Greg Burrow
RMN-2772-14 Isis Reed
RMN-2401-14 James Cook
RMN-2771-14 Joshua Earl
RMN-2400-14 Noah Velasco
RMN-2768-14 Scott McKinlay
RMN-2898-15 Adam Andrews
RMN-2092-15 Cathey Osborne (Home Guard)
RMN-2006-15 Elroy Trevino
RMN-2805-14 Mary Webb
RMN-3266-16 Harrison Miller
RMN-3964-16 Justin Earl
RMN-4308-17 Danetta Graham
RMN-4565-17 Elizabeth McCracken-Culley
RMN-4304-17 Jason Kemp
RMN-4309-17 Matthew Hill

Promotions to E-2 (Spacer 2nd Class)
RMN-4301-17 Erin McGowan
RMN-4026-16 Michael Navarro

Promotions to E-5 (Specialist-5)
RMN-2393-14 Quinn Bratteng

In Service,

Major, RMA
Fort Shorncliffe
Officer Commanding