Drill Day Schedule


Normal Drills are held on the first and third Saturdays of each month.  Members are required to respond to the Facebook event invite generated for the event by the Wednesday prior to the Drill.  Events not planned for Saturdays should follow a similar pattern – please RSVP via Facebook (preferred) or your chain of command no later than midnight on the 3rd day before the event.

D-2 Your Chain Calls You

If you have not made contact with your chain or made a Facebook RSVP by D-3, your chain should contact you and ask if you are planning to attend.  A member who has to be contacted by their chain more than four times in three months will be moved to the Reserve list and may lose their seat in any ongoing game campaigns in favor of players who are communicating and have steadier attendance.

D-0 Drill Day (Typical, at ACC Cypress.  See individual event invites for alternate instructions.)



All members should procure an RDG, RMA or other approved shirt.  The most common style is a T-shirt, but button-downs and hoodies are acceptable and polos are preferred.  Members should wear their Convention Minimum Uniform (IE, this shirt) to each event- some Game Masters even reward players with XP or re-rolls for doing so.  A member may always go above and beyond the minimum, choosing to wear the RDG Service Dress or any TRMN uniform, or their Action Figure Garb for their persona.

$1 Re-Rolls

The Royal Dragoon Guards have an ongoing charity effort called “Dollar Re-Rolls” that is potentially in effect in every game the RDG runs, at the option of the Game Master in charge of that game.  If the Dollar Re-Roll rule is in effect, a member may purchase a re-roll of any die roll allowable per the GM with a single dollar.  The number of times a member may pay additional dollars to re-roll the same roll is limited only by the GM’s table rules.  This money is collected and presented peri0dically to The Backpack Coalition, a local Austin charity that provides food to underprivileged children in the Austin area.

The RDG Canteen

Gamers need snacks.  The RDG Canteen is available at most meetings.  When the Canteen is open, one “Snack Credit” costs $1.25, and can purchase one regular snack, or two specially priced items like bottles of water, bags of chips, or packages of crackers.  Dragoon Cards are available in $5, $10 and $20 increments.  Each card is punched as Snack Credits are used.  The larger cards get more favorable price breaks, and each card comes with one or more free re-rolls that may be used at the GM’s discretion.  The proceeds from the RDG Canteen go toward replenishing the Canteen’s stocks, and providing the RDG with operating capital for events and RDG merchandise.

A Note on Re-Rolls

Unless otherwise stated by a GM or club officer, neither $1 Re-Rolls or Dragoon Card Re-Rolls may be used in any tournament or competition-type game



Staff Lunch (1100-1145)

The “Staff Lunch” takes place at Smoky Mo’s BBQ located across Cypress Creek Road from the campus.  Anyone is invited to attend, not just club staff.  No one is required to purchase food.  The Staff Lunch is from 1100-1145, but Smoky Mo’s is open for breakfast as well, so personnel wishing to arrive early are welcome to do so.

Drill Begins (1200)

At 1200 the NCOIC for the day, typically the Battalion Sergeant Major, will call the assembled members to attention to open the meeting.  This is referred to as First Formation, even though it is not a formation proper.  Actual formations are used for awards ceremonies and promotions, but typical Drill days see the members of the RDG simply called to attention at their seats in a classroom setting.  Once the assembled members are at attention, the NCOIC will report to the OIC, typically the Officer Commanding or Executive Officer that the battalion is formed and ready.  The officer to whom the room is being turned over will return the salute of the NCOIC, wait for the NCOIC to move to their own post, and then give the room the command “Take- SEATS” to begin the meeting.  First Formation serves as a “noises off” signal to members, stopping cross-conversations and requiring people to put down their phones or other electronics so that the meeting can come to order.  The faster all members reach the position of attention, the faster the meeting can begin.  For the purposes of GMs who hand out bonuses for members who are on time, a member must be present for First Formation to qualify for the bonus.

Announcements (1200-1210)

At this time the Staff will make any announcements necessary about events, projects or other organizational business that needs to be addressed.  The CO, XO, Ops and Battalion Sergeant Major will all put out any information necessary before opening the floor to other announcements.  Once complete, classroom begins.

Classroom I (1210-1235) / Classroom II (1235-1300)

The RDG uses this time to present topics of interest to the membership.  Classroom often covers specifics of game universes, game rules, history, or other topics of mutual interest to the bulk of the membership.  Any member may request to teach a Classroom session on any topic, subject to the approval of the Staff.  All hands are expected to give respectful attention to the speaker and refrain from any disruptive behavior during a Classroom session.

Gaming Bloc (1300-1800)

The Gaming Bloc consists of the five hour period beginning at 1300.  Game Masters may wish to give a restroom break at the top of this bloc to allow for game setup and to minimize players wandering off at awkward moments during a game.  The RDG will make every effort to ensure that each campaign has the space and resources it needs for the players and GM to have an enjoyable time.

  • Senior members or NCOs should set the example by volunteering to help the GM set up, pass out materials, move tables etc.  Likewise, these members should be the first to volunteer to help clean up the area at the end of the game/bloc.
  • Make every effort to be respectful of your fellow gamers.
  • When your PC is offstage, listen respectfully to the action occurring.  Try not to interrupt the flow of someone else’s scene.
  • Determine the tone the Game Master is attempting to set for the game and adhere to it.  Do not be overly silly in a game with a serious tone, or overly serious in a game intended for comedy.
  • If you must go to the restroom or take a phone call, let another player know so that if your turn comes up, the GM knows where you went.

Some Game Masters put a hard limit on the number of seats in their campaign out of preference or necessity.  If these slots are full, new members are welcome to observe a campaign or to join one of the other campaigns.  Alternately, newcomers and those who are not currently in a campaign may choose from the RDG’s library of board and card games to entertain themselves at meetings.  Seats in the ongoing campaigns will be prioritized to members who are active, RSVP, show up on time and are already established in the campaign.

Cleanup (1800-1815)

At the end of the gaming bloc, all hands are required to assist in returning the meeting space to a condition as clean or cleaner than it was before the RDG arrived.  Once the space is clean and all the unit and personal gear staged for rollout, the NCOIC will inform the OIC and dismissal can occur.

Final Formation / Dismiss (1815-1820)

The final announcements are made, including any official or unofficial after-meeting plans if any.  The OIC will call the unit to attention and instruct the NCOIC to dismiss the unit.  At the command to dismiss, all hands may leave the area.  The NCOIC and OIC are to be the last members out, and ensure the lights are off and the doors are locked.