Royal Dragoon Guard Guest Speaker Series


The Royal Dragoon Guards are proud to be hosting a few game designers over the course of the next three months.  These individuals have created one or more games and wish to share them with us.  During each guest meeting, Classroom will be expanded to the amount of time the guest(s) need to present their games and Q&A, and the regular gaming bloc afterward will include game sessions or demos of the games they wish to run.  Some of the guests might also bring copies of their games for sale.

Each event will be in room 2222 at Austin Community College Cypress Creek Campus.  The meeting begins at noon, but the group will have their customary lunch at the Smoky Mo’s across the street at 1100.  Once the meeting is called to order at 1200, club announcements will be issued after which the floor will be turned over to the guest(s).  Facebook event invites will be created in the RDG’s Facebook group HERE.

15 JUL 17 – EDIT: Cheryl is having an allergy issue that necessitated a doctor’s visit on 14 July.  She sends her regrets, and is eager to reschedule with us in the future.  Cheryl Rae, designer and creator of the Alchemy: Magic is Real board game, on Kickstarter now.  Alchemy is a strategy game involving gathering spell components for various effects.

5 AUG 17 – Jeff Dee and Manda, designers and artists on so many projects, notably Bethorm, Mighty Protectors (Villains and Vigilantes 3), Cavemaster and so much more.  Click the links!

2 SEP 17 – James Michael Spahn, joining us via internet, designer of White Star, Hero’s Journey and more!

Come learn and play with these game designers!  Jeff Dee and Manda are part of our Home Guard component, and James Spahn is part of the Fort Shorncliffe component.

The address of the meetings is:

Austin Community College, Cypress Creek Campus – Room 2222

1555 Cypress Creek Road, Cedar Park, TX 78613


  • 1100-1145 – Optional Lunch at Smoky Mo’s BBQ
  • 1200-1210 – Announcements
  • 1210-1300~ Guest Speaker Slot (May go over at the speaker’s option)
  • 1300-1800 – Gaming Bloc
  • 1800-1810 – Cleanup and dismiss.