Royal Dragoon Guards Annual Training 2017 – North Texas RPG Con IX

The Royal Dragoon Guards have returned from their Annual Training at North Texas RPG Con on Dallas, TX 31 MAY 17 – 4 JUN 17.

The attendees for this year’s event were MAJ Jeffrey Webb, CPT Sir Edward Covarrubias, KE, GS, QBM, 1LT(HG) Dennis Sustare, 2LT Jessica Hench, SGM Eric Stolle, 1SG Robert Houser, MSGT Raul Trevino, PFC Tina Clevenger, PVT(HG) Jeff Dee, PVT(HG) Diesel LaForce, PVT(HG) Manda, PVT Scott McKinlay and DGN Randi Spears.  Our units were joined by the CO and XO of HMS Homer, CAPTJG Roon Marchant and LCDR Karl Gallagher and many friends of the unit including Aaron Murphy.

The attendees participated in five days of tabletop gaming (including the Pre-Con Get-It-On on Wednesday, 31 MAY 17) with members of Fort Shorncliffe and Sandgate Castle providing several gaming events including Bunnies & Burrows, Villains and Vigilantes (both written by members of Sandgate), Dungeons & Dragons, The Adventures of Indiana Jones, Starships & Spacemen, Shadowrun and FiveCore.

In the RDG, our first and foremost activity is gaming.  That’s what we founded to accomplish.  At North Texas RPG Con each year, that’s what we do.  It is difficult to put into words the experience of North Texas RPG Con – it’s a small event as conventions go, about 300-350 attendees with around 20-30 artists, authors and editors from the early days of the RPG industry.  The convention, run by Mike Badolato and Dough Rhea, celebrates the Old School of gaming, and the Old School Renaissance.  Both 1974 D&D and its clones can be seen played alongside modern games that emulate the Old School feel, like Dungeon Crawl Classics.  Each year is a celebration of the hobby that brings us all together and each year more Dragoons attend the event.  Will you be among them in 2018?

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