Shorncliffe Academy

The Shorncliffe Academy


The Royal Dragoon Guards maintain the Shorncliffe Academy as a program to encourage members to get to know both the traditions and operations of The Royal Dragoon Guards organization and the games and game worlds within which the RDG members participate.  Players that know more about a game’s world and details are more able to contribute to the immersion and plot of the games the choose to play, and thereby assist the Game Master in weaving an engaging narrative for their campaigns.  Participation in The Shorncliffe Academy is required for members who wish to advance in organizational rank as local members of The Royal Dragoon Guards.  Members who are also part of The Royal Manticoran Army may take advantage of the King Roger I Military Academy program King Roger I Military Academy Course Request.

The Shorncliffe Academy will add more courses and specialties as time goes on in accordance with the interests of the membership.  Members with suggestions for new courses or game specializations should send those suggestions up their chain.

0000 Series – The Enlisted School

The 000 Series of examinations are intended for all members and familiarize the players with the operations and traditions of The Royal Dragoon Guards.  The materials for these examinations are the Membership Handbook and this web site.  All answers to the questions on these examinations are located within these resources.  SA-RDG-0001 is a prerequisite for promotion to E-2, with SA-RDG-0002 being a prerequisite for E-3, the highest grade a member can reach before choosing one or more gaming specializations.

The follow-up examinations are for building leadership and responsibility skills for members who take on the mantle of Non-Commissioned Officer, or NCO.  The NCO is a senior member whose duty it is to assist junior members, help with the setup and take down of the meeting space, and coordinate events.  NCOs assigned as unit leaders make sure the members of their units are getting all the information they need from the RDG’s communications channels.  Each of these examinations will qualify a member to hold one of these positions of responsibility.

BASIC ORIENTATION COURSE        SA-RDG-0001  Required for E-2
BASIC NCO COURSE                SA-RDG-0003  Required for NCO Status
UNIT LEADER COURSE              SA-RDG-0004  Required for Unit Leader (Squad/Platoon/Lance) Billet
COMPANY NCO COURSE              SA-RDG-0005  Required for Company Sergeant Billet
BATTALION NCO COURSE            SA-RDG-0006  Required for Battalion Sergeant Major Billet

BT Series – The BattleTech Academy

The Royal Dragoon Guards were founded on the BattleTech game.  The BattleTech universe has a deep history and backstory that spans the current day through the thirty-second century.  The setting as originally created in the 1980s had warring noble houses waging battle with ten-meter-tall war machines called BattleMechs, whose pilots, the MechWarriors, were like knights of the starfaring era.  Members wishing to specialize in the BattleTech game may choose to qualify through the BattleTech examinations for the titles of MechWarrior, Senior MechWarrior and Master MechWarrior.  Members who are NCO Qualified may be given the titled of MechWarrior Corporal or MechWarrior Sergeant.

BASIC MECHWARRIOR               SA-BT-0001  Required for MechWarrior E-4
SENIOR MECHWARRIOR COURSE       SA-BT-0002  Required for Senior MechWarrior E-5
MASTER MECHWARRIOR COURSE       SA-BT-0003  Required for Master MechWarrior E-6