College of BattleTech (BT Series)

Welcome to the BT Series courses, Shorncliffe Academy’s College of BattleTech.  The Royal Dragoon Guards can trace its lineage back to the early 1990s when it was founded as a BattleTech club known then as the Caladan Highland Dragoons.  Even at the time of the CHD, BattleTech had been around for a decade and developed a fandom that included minature games, tabletop games, video games, a novel series and even a cartoon.  The game itself was designed with FASA co-founder Jordan Weisman wanted to import Japanese giant robot model kits and create a game in which they would war with one another.  From that simple concept came what would become one of the most deeply detailed fictional universes ever created for a game.  The original version of the game, originally called BattleDroids, was published in 1984 and soon renamed BattleTech with the 1986 re-release.  It was joined by MechWarrior, the RPG set in the BattleTech universe.  The House Books, each detailing one of the Great Houses of the Inner Sphere, were filled with social, historical and economic background details – not game rules.  Each of them was around 180 pages of pure detail.  BattleTech became a setting that engendered faction loyalty just as deeply as an NFL fan’s adoration for their favorite team.  The game became more than a simple wargame – it was a living universe.

The Royal Dragoon Guards have had several campaigns in the Battletech Universe, in both the canon timeline and in some experimental timelines that vary from the novel canon.  For the purposes of the SA-BT examinations, the official canon will be used unless the examination specifically directs the student to a piece of alt-canon from one of the RDG campaigns.  The resources for the examinations are completely free of charge, and are located below.