The Royal Dragoon Guards – Under Construction has a new look, and new features that will be coming online throughout February 2016.  This site is the home for The Royal Dragoon Guards, a club dedicated to gaming and military science fiction based in the Austin, TX metro area.  The intention of the site is to offer information about the RDG organization, about our participation with The Royal Manticoran Army, our games and other activities.  We hope to post in-game information for the many universes our players visit along with the house rules we use at our tables.  We plan on having our event calendar as an integral part of this site, as well as membership information and resources members can use.

All of these tools, resources and content will take time, and most of the RDG Staff have full-time day jobs.  Be patient as we get the site on its feet.  Hopefully, new items will come online weekly from here on out.