Dencourt D-454 Heavy Pistol

Dencourt Arms of Geiss has long supplied quality small arms to the Houses Minor of Royal, and at times to the Ducal forces of Houses Stephenson and Sandoval. Known more for their reliable medium-caliber sidearms and easily maintained rifles, the D-454 is something of an anomaly in that it is a singularly impractical weapon. Perhaps seeking to upstage the Sternsnacht Heavy Pistol, the D-454 is basically a semi-automatic rifle action with a sub-carbine barrel length that has a grip reminiscent of a sawed-off shotgun. This makes the ergonomics of the weapon dubious given the nearly two kilogram weight of the piece and the recoil of the .303 rifle round the weapon fires.

Only a few hundred of the D-454 were made, and the weapon is considered a collector’s item and curiosity due to its neither-fish-nor-fowl design. Far too heavy to be easily usable or concealable as a pistol, and with too short a barrel to take true advantage of the range its rifle cartridge should allow, the D-454 was never adopted as an issue weapon by any standing force, even the House Dencourt forces. It found limited popularity in the Royal Dragoon Guards during the Third Succession War, where some of the MechWarriors of the unit chose to stock a D-454 in their ‘Mech cockpits as a bailout weapon. This popularity only lasted as long as the original unit, and when the last of the 2914 Royal Dragoon Guards disbanded, the D-454 found its way back to display walls and gun cabinets across Royal.

The D-454 uses an en-bloc charger similar to that of the Dencourt Battle Rifle model 2900, but due to the shorter magazine well of the D-454 the chargers are not interchangeable. This means the already uncommon D-454 needs a proprietary en-bloc “clip” to reload the weapon. The automatic ejection of these en-bloc clips means they are easily lost in combat situations- a common occurrence since each clip holds only three .303 rifle rounds. The weapon is equally hard on the firing arm, with some target shooters preferring to save the D-454 for the end of a range day, firing three or six rounds to get the attention of their fellow shooters, and then retire for the evening with a sore wrist.


Availability: 1/U
Type: Heavy Pistol
Cost: 220 C-Bills (NEW)
Reload Cost: 5 C-Bills
Skill Class: Pistol
Damage: 5D6
Range in Hexes:
SHORT: 1-2
LONG: 5-12
Reload Time: 1 turn
Weight: 2 Kilograms