Dramatis Personae of the Royal Dragoon Guards Campaign


NAME: Erwin Dencourt TITLE: MechWarrior
RANK: MechWarrior HOMEWORLD: Royal (Geiss)
AFFILIATION: Federated Suns, Grand Duchy of New Ivaarsen, House Dencourt EXP CLASS: Regular
  Erwin Dencourt was offworld with his parents when Royal fell.  His father, Lucas Dencourt, piloted a WTH-1 with the New Ivaarsen Chasseurs during the Fourth Succession War.  Erwin and his mother had relocated to the Chasseurs facilities on New Ivaarsen for the duration of the war.  When Lucas lost an arm in the closing months of the War, his mother Sara took up the mantle of piloting the Whitworth and began training Erwin as her replacement.  Sara Dencourt has been appointed to Duke Paul Stephenson’s planning council, and has proudly appointed her son to take their family ‘Mech into action to free Royal from the Draconis Combine.  Erwin is terribly aware of his legacy as a Dencourt, and very rarely appears out of uniform and is meticulous about using proper titles and address.


NAME: Gerta Earhardt TITLE: Ritter
RANK: MechWarrior (Formerly Obergefreiter, LCAF) HOMEWORLD: Hesperus II
AFFILIATION: Lyran Commonwealth, New Ivaarsen Volunteers EXP CLASS: Green

  Gerta Earhardt is, at 23, impetuous and adventuresome.  Her father is one of the managing operators of Defiance Industries of Hesperus II, and her two elder brothers Erich and Hanse hold commissions in the LCAF as ‘Mech officers.  When her father refused to purchase a commission or allow Gerta to attend MechWarrior Academy, she endeavored to learn the art from the test pilots and factory personnel of Hesperus II.  She enlisted in the LCAF, but found that the egalitarian Davion habit of selecting MechWarriors based on talent over blood had not found its way into the Lyran service.  Not being of noble birth and lacking the personal funds that often stand in for blue blood in Steiner space, she finished her tour as a Lyran tank NCO and left Hesperus II to find her fortune.  She arrived on New Ivaarsen to offer her services along with a brand new HCT-5S Hatchetman straight off the Hesperus assembly lines.

Gerta has found a kindred spirit in Samantha Harte, as they both feel they have to show themselves to be every bit as good as their older siblings.  The two are often partners in crime and are inseparable off duty.


NAME: Samantha Harte TITLE: MechWarrior
RANK: MechWarrior HOMEWORLD: New Ivaarsen
AFFILIATION: Federated Suns, Grand Duchy of New Ivaarsen EXP CLASS: Green
  MechWarrior Harte’s family has been retainer to the Duke of New Ivaarsen for nearly two centuries.  Along with many other MechWarrior families in the service of the Duke, the Hartes have filled out the personal guard for generations, residing mostly on the Stephenson family estate in one of many well-appointed manses reserved for the MechWarrior families pledged to House Stephenson.  Samantha has only recently completed her apprenticeship, and taken charge of the family’s WVR-6R Wolverine and applied for service in the assault on Royal.  Her assignment to The Royal Dragoon Guards company is a great honor, as she was brought up on stories of the exploits of that unit.  Samantha is eager to prove herself – sometimes too eager.  She and MechWarrior Earhardt tend to push hard when it comes to showing the older or more established MechWarriors that they can be every bit as good as their “betters.”


NAME: Roland Hagman TITLE: MechWarrior
RANK: MechWarrior HOMEWORLD: New Ivaarsen
AFFILIATION: Federated Suns, Grand Duchy of New Ivaarsen EXP CLASS: Veteran
    MechWarrior Hagman is an old campaigner from a struggling MechWarrior family pledged to Duke Paul Stephenson of New Ivaarsen.  The Hagmans have always been stalwart and loyal, but have never had enough wealth to maintain the standard of living expected of a MechWarrior family.  Without titles or lands, the Hagman clan has lived in the residences of the Stephenson retainers for decades, and Roland is the last of his clan.  His wife and son were killed in action in the Fourth Succession War.  All Roland has left is the dubiously maintained TDR-5S Thunderbolt that is the last legacy of his family.  Roland is generally a quiet man, but can be coaxed into telling tales of his campaigns during the Third and Fourth Succession Wars.  Due to his family’s impoverished nature, Roland had to learn to pitch in to maintain the Thunderbolt, and has the skill of a professional technician as well as his MechWarrior abilities.


MAJMordecaiSloane NAME: Mordecai Sloane TITLE: MechWarrior
RANK: Major, New Ivaarsen House Forces (Formerly Captain, AFFS) HOMEWORLD: New Ivaarsen
AFFILIATION: Federated Suns EXP CLASS: Veteran
   Mordecai Sloane has served in the cockpit of a BattleMech for half a century or more.  MechWarrior Sloane was instructor to Duke Paul Stephenson and both his children, Valia and Leto.  He has served in the New Ivaarsen Chasseurs, but failed to rise above the rank of Captain due to injuries suffered during the Third Succession War limiting the amount of time he can spend on his feet, or in a cockpit.  Sloane and his Thunderbolt have been fixtures in the Chasseurs for so long, most of the MechWarriors in the Regiment consider him something of a curmudgeonly grandfather.  He is a personal friend of Duke Paul Stephenson, and this friendship coupled with his experience in the field led the Duke to appoint Sloane a Major and place him in charge of training up the MechWarriors in the New Ivaarsen Volunteers.


DukeNewIvaarsen NAME: Paul Stephenson TITLE: Grand Duke of New Ivaarsen
RANK: Leftenant General, AFFS (Ret.) HOMEWORLD: New Ivaarsen
AFFILIATION: Federated Suns, Grand Duchy of New Ivaarsen. EXP CLASS: Veteran

   Duke Paul Stephenson holds the Grand Duchy of New Ivaarsen in the Draconis March of the Federated Suns.  The Stephenson family is fiercely loyal to House Davion, even when that loyalty has been tested for the last decade by First Prince Hanse Davion’s refusal to allow an attempt to retake Royal, one of the four worlds that comprise the Grand Duchy.  Royal has been under the Draconis Combine flag for nearly ten years, but the Davion military needed time to regroup after the end of the Fourth Succession War.   Duke Paul has bided his time, marshaled his resources, and waited for word.  Finally, word came.  Hanse Davion planned a general offensive against the Draconis Combine, and permission was granted to make a move.

Duke Paul was a MechWarrior in the AFFS, but retired upon the death of his father to rule the Grand Duchy.  His wife Aleena died in 3029 of Herbert’s Affliction, a disease all but eradicated in Star League times but beyond current medical science.  Paul Stephenson would never remarry, but turned his attention to his children.  His daughter Valia and son Leto are both MechWarriors, but Leto’s competitive nature and the pressures of old-fashioned concepts of nobility saw Leto attend the NAIS and gain his commission two years ahead of his older sister.  The pressure of entering the Academy so young seemed to focus Leto’s ambition even tighter, while Valia, raised on the stories of her ancestor Sonya Eversole, was enamored with the idea of reclaiming her ancestral holdings on Royal, the island continent of Avalon.  Duke Paul has made it his mission to see that both his children achieve their most prized goals – the Grand Duchy will see Royal return to Stephenson hands, and Valia will see an Eversole return to the coastal palace of the Eversoles.  He has pulled every political string and called in every feudal favor he is owed to see to it that the expedition to retake Royal is successful.

The Duke is a commanding presence, but less so since the death of Aleena.  When angered, the force of personality of Paul Stephenson is undeniable, but he spends much of his time in a much more reserved and reflective manner.  He is respectful to a fault of his vassals as long as they are upholding their obligations, and considers any who have fought for the Federated Suns to be his equal, even a lowly infantry private.  He has been known to share his table on campaign with random soldiers with whom he comes into contact, and has even personally elevated a handful of families to MechWarrior status.  The Duke believes that Hanse Davion is the most brilliant military and political mind of the century, and supports him fully even when opposed by other nobles.  He will give nearly anything in service to First Prince, but his loyalty to his children and obsession with securing their legacies might come before that if a situation presented a conflict.


LTCValentine NAME: Martin Valentine TITLE: Knight Banneret
RANK: Leftenant Colonel HOMEWORLD: Robinson
AFFILIATION: Federated Suns EXP CLASS: Veteran
   Leftenant Colonel Sir Martin Valentine was recently a battalion commander in the New Ivaarsen Chasseurs.  His lack of peerage limited his upward mobility in such a politically connected regiment, so when the opportunity came to help create a new regiment from whole cloth, he jumped at the chance.  Sir Martin has a good amount of tactical ability and an equal amount of strategic sense thanks to several years on the regimental staff as both Intelligence and Operations Officer.  He has a tendency to be overprotective of the men and women of his command, choosing to risk them only when necessary.  Unlike many of the more traditional officers in the AFFS, Sir Martin sees the wisdom in Hanse Davion’s Training Battalions, and seeking out soldiers with talent regardless of their noble lineage.