Mechwarrior Profile: Sir Aidan Bernard, Lord of Naestved Manor


Sir Aidan Bernard, Lord of Naestved, is a mechwarrior and minor noble in service to House Stephenson, the rulers of New Ivaarsen. He pilots a BLR-1X Battlemaster called “Grendel”, originally rebuilt by his father. Sir Aiden was born in 3014 on the family estate, and grew up knowing he would eventually pilot his father’s mech. In 3032, Sir Aidan entered the Robinson Battle Academy for his formal mechwarrior training. He acquired some of trademark hatred for the Draconis Combine, tempered by the presence of many expatriate Kuritan families among his land tenants. He graduated in 3036, arriving home just in time for the passing of his father.

Sir Aiden’s welcome home was to assume mantle of leadership of his manor and stewardship of the battlemech which made his family’s good name. In 3037, Sir Aiden was wounded during a deployment with the New Ivaarsen Chasseurs, one of the countless border skirmishes with Kuritan border raiders. A lucky shot with a large laser burned through the cockpit, damaging Sir Aiden’s eyes; the Dragon and its Kuritan pilot escaped victorious. The injury left him with terrible light sensitivity and some loss of acuity. Fortunately, corrective surgery plus the use of appropriate eyewear allowed him to continue to serve. By the present date, Sir Aidan has been in combat a few times, but never on a major campaign.

Sir Aidan assumed the role of Lord of Naestved upon the passing of his father, Lord Rudolf Bernard. Lord Rudolf was formerly a senior technician in service to the Duke of New Ivaarsen, whose bravery and skill at battlefield repair at a critical moment during the last years of the Third Succession War led to the elevation of the family to landed nobility. As the Bernards were in fact dispossessed nobility in previous generations, the move was not seen as especially controversial; under proper stewardship, Naestved Manor expanded to include two other smaller vassal domains, each supporting a single allied mechwarrior. Lord Rudolf and his children continued developing their technical skills, even as they worked to improve their status as a mechwarrior family.

After years of continually trading up, purchasing salvageable wrecks, and scrapped mecha, Lord Rudolf made a dangerous gamble in 3018; he sold of part of Naestved Manor and their single Rifleman to purchase a wrecked Battlemaster and several portions of a Zeus. After nearly six months of rebuilding it, the Battlemaster was restored to operation as a BLR-2X, using the cockpit from the Zeus and a reallocation of secondary weaponry. Lord Rudolf named it “Grendel” after some long-forgotten Earth legend. Lord Rudolf served with distinction as a mechwarrior for a number of years, but eventually declining health led him to retire in 3034. After he passed away in 3036, Sir Aidan assumed his position as head of the household.


Battlemaster BLR-2x “Grendel” Battletech Sheet



1. Your name is? (Why is this your name? How’d you get it? Any nicknames or titles?)
Sir Aidan Bernard, Lord of Naestved Manor, and pilot of “Grendel”, a BLR-1X Battlemaster.

2. What do you look like? (How old are you and how old do you appear to be?)
Caucasian, short brown hair, brown eyes (usually covered), with a trim but athletic build. By 3038AD, Sir Aiden is twenty-four years old.

3. What is your style and attitude? (How do you dress and talk? Are you cultured or backbirth?)
Sir Aiden is usually in uniform of some sort, and tends to dress practically and unobtrusively when not in uniform. His manner is businesslike and professional, rarely displaying enough emotion to attract attention. In many ways, Sir Aiden is “functional”, rarely involving himself in the aristocratic games of his peers, but still paying attention to them.

4. Do you have any quirks we should know about?
Because of his injuries, Sir Aiden wears glasses of some sort all the time, and prefers to remain in dim lighting. If unable to do so, he will wear sunglasses, even indoors.

5. What kind of impression do you think you first make?
Sir Aiden comes off as quiet, thoughtful, and competent. Moderate, perhaps. Nothing about him attracts attention, other than his sunglasses indoors. House Bernard has a good reputation only recently acquired, and Sir Aiden will do nothing to jeopardize that.

6. Where do you hail from? (Where were you born? Where did you grow up? What was your childhood and youth like? What does your family think about you?)
Sir Aiden was born in Naestved, new Ivaarsen. He had a happy childhood, and gets along well with most of his family.

7. What is your best quality as a person? (What is your worse quality as a person?)
Best, Sir Aiden is thoughtful and moderate in person. Worst, his insecurity regarding his position occasionally leads him to take risks that seem reckless to others.

8. Describe your personality in only two words.
Fiercely moderate.

9. Describe your favorite things and your least favorite things (foods, drinks, books, music, assault rifles, etc).
Favorite things, his father’s tech equipment. Least favorite thing is interstellar travel. TDS, you know, makes those jumps pretty traumatic, occasionally requiring medical intervention.

10. They say that you can judge a man by the enemies he makes and the friends that he keeps. Who is your “nemesis” and who are your allies?
Sir Aiden has not been a mechwarrior long enough to acquire a “nemesis”, though there are members of more established noble families who look down on his humble beginnings. He desperately wants to locate and kill the Kuritan pilot of the Dragon who nearly blinded him in 3037, but it is likely that pilot doesn’t even know he is alive. Sir Aiden’s allies include the members of his lance, two of whom are vassals and family friends.

11. What is your romantic life like? (Orientation? A virgin? Has there been “a great love”?)
Sir Aiden is expected to provide the family with an heir, and he has on-again-off-again relationships with women in a couple of minor noble houses that are likely potential spouses. Family life and dating are usually both usually regarded as tertiary concerns, low on his list of priorities. He has an unseemly attraction to women in greasy coveralls.

12. What do you fear? (Do you have a reoccurring nightmares or dreams?)
Sir Aiden has nightmares about both blindness and being lost in a mis-jump leading to his death and a loss of family status. He also gets a racing pulse when he sees a Dragon-class mecha, which was the sort that caused his eye injuries.

13. Who do you look up to? (If there isn’t anyone now, was there someone in past?)
Sir Aiden looked up to his father Lord Rudolf, and sees it as his responsibility to exceed his father’s successes in all respects. Currently, however, there is nobody that he specifically idolizes.

14. What offer would be irresistible enough for you to betray your friends or crewmates?
Only saving his family from harm or ruin would lead Sir Aiden to even contemplate such a thing.

15. What principle matters to you most?
Loyalty to family and lord matter most to Sir Aiden, as does his own personal honor.

16. What is your most treasured possession? Why?
Sir Aidan carries a presentation laser pistol with engraved sides and a custom ironwood grip. It was a graduation gift from his parents. Failing that, his father’s technician’s tools.

17. Who do you value most in all the ‘Verse?
Sir Aidan values his family’s position and good reputation, and will never do anything to jeopardize either one.

18. What are your ambitions? (What are your social, professional and romantic goals? What do you wish you could do that you can’t?)
Enhancing his family’s position, enhancing his personal rank, and attaining a reputation as a mechwarrior to be feared and respected by friends and foes alike.

19. Where do you picture yourself 20 years from now?
Sir Aiden would like to be Baron Aiden, in command of a mech regiment in the Davion military.

20. What other kinds of work have you done to pay the bills?
Due to his youth, Sir Aidan hasn’t done much else besides piloting a mech. As a teenager, he worked alongside his family as technicians on occasion, as well as learning the business of nobility.

21. What are your political and religious beliefs, if you have any? (Do you have any prejudices?)
Like most members of the family, Sir Aiden is a reasonably faithful New Avalonian Catholic in practice, though some of his family members in the past were conservative Jews from Robinson, which remains a center for Judaism in the Federated Suns. He keeps a rosary in his pocket, but also has a mezuzah mounted on the inside of his cockpit, at the insistence of his Great-Aunt Ruth.

22. What were you doing during the Fourth Succession War? (How has the war affected you? Did you serve in the war? Which side? Did you lose anyone you cared about in the war?)
Sir Aidan was a teenager during the 4th Succession War, though his father did serve in battle. Sir Aiden’s older sister Meredith Bernard was killed piloting an aerospace fighter over Galtor III, during that unsuccessful campaign. Sir Aiden would like some day to help liberate Galtor III, and maybe locate his sister’s crashed fighter to return the remains to the family lands, but he knows this is an unlikely dream.

23. Do you have any hobbies? (How do you pass the time away?)
Sir Aidan is an avid reader of both fiction and histories, though he feels like he doesn’t have enough leisure time to develop actual hobbies. Sir Aiden does enjoy fixing things, especially old devices from ages past.

24. What event in your life that you did are you most proud of? Most shameful of?
Sir Aiden is most proud of assuming his father’s place in “Grendel’s” cockpit, and he is well aware of how unique it is for such a humble noble family to possess a war machine so powerful. Sir Aiden is most ashamed of allowing the Dragon which damaged his eyesight to escape in 3037. He hopes someday to return the favor.

25. What have you been doing the last few months?
Training exercises, recruiting followers, and trying to learn the business of land management.