The Regimental Staff

Organizational Purpose

The Regimental Staff is the Unit in which the elected and appointed members of The Royal Dragoon Guards who are responsible for the conduct of operations of the organization.  The Regimental Staff are the topmost level of leadership and administration for the organization.  Individual Units may have members who duplicate these responsibilities within the Unit, but each is ultimately responsible to the Regimental Staff member in that area.
The CO, XO and Regimental Sergeant Major are elected for one-year terms, and then appoint the Staff positions for that same term.  Unlike other Units, membership in the Regimental Staff does not carry the XP bonus for Unit Leader/Assistant since members of the Regimental Staff already receive a yearly bonus for their service to the organization.

Dragooniverse Purpose

The Regimental Staff of the Royal Dragoon Guards are charged with the operations of The Regiment as a peacekeeping and military force responsible directly to the Von Kalmen family, but not part of the Von Kalmen military.  Rather, the RDG is responsible to the Office of the Grand Duke of the Royal Alliance, and owes its’ allegiance to the Royal Alliance as a whole and not to any single House.  The RDG is made of citizens of the Royal Alliance from every House, including representatives from each House in the Alliance by decree.  With family members from each House serving in the Regiment, the Regiment is both remarkably even-handed and a hotbed of political maneuvering.

Organizational Logo

Current Membership

  • Colonel Jeffrey Webb, Regmental Commanding Officer
  • Lieutenant Colonel Edward Covarrubias, Regimental Executive Officer
  • First Lieutenant Elizabeth McCracken-Culley, Adjutant (S-1 Administration Officer)
  • Captain Jessica Hench, Regimental Operations Officer (S-3)
  • Second Lieutenant Erin McGowan, Regimental Quartermaster (S-4 Logistics)
  • Second Lieutenant Laura Clark, Regimental Communications Officer (S-5)