The Royal Dragoon Guards (BattleTech Universe Unit)


3038 Revival

The immanent Davion invasion of the Draconis Combine led Duke Paul Stephenson of New Ivaarsen to raise a unit with the express purpose of retaking the planet Royal, lost to the Combine during the Fourth Succession war.  The New Ivaarsen Volunteers were of combined arms regimental strength, composed of whatever MechWarriors the Duke could convince to join in the effort.  One company of this regiment was composed largely of expatriates of Royal and personal vassals of New Ivaarsen.  This company was designated The Royal Dragoon Guards to evoke the legendary status of the century-old stories of the original unit as formed on Royal in 2914.  This company trained on New Ivaarsen and entered action on Royal with the rest of the New Ivaarsen Volunteers in 3039.


3039 Personnel


  • Leftenant Sir Aidan Bernard  BLR-1G
  • Leftenant Baronet Isaac Davion  PHX-1D
  • Leftenant Viscount Nicolo Orso  GRF-1V
  • MechWarrior Ryan Blackwater   PHX-1D
  • MechWarrior Alistair Bruce  WHM-6K
  • MechWarrior Rayne MacKenzie  MAD-3D
  • MechWarrior Felicity Vansen  DV6-M
  • MechWarrior  WVR-6R
  • MechWarrior TDR-5S
  • MechWarrior HCT-5S
  • MechWarrior WTH-1

Aerospace Compliment

  • Pilot Officer Robert Crittenden, Regular, Corsair
  • Flight Corporal Felicia Souter, Regular, Corsair


  • Technician Lothar Meyer, Regular 3
  • Technician Erwin Dretzel, Green 2
  • Technician Braden Vansen, Regular 3
  • Technician Kaylee Jewell, Regular 3


  • Sergeant Francis Cooper, Veteran, (Rogue 4, Diplomacy 3, Streetwise 3)
  • Corporal Parry Jenkins, Regular, (Rogue 3, Diplomacy 3, Streetwise 1)

NOTE: Leftenant Valia Eversole-Stephenson was assigned to the New Ivaarsen Volunteers and initially to the Royal Dragoon Guards company, but was almost immediately reassigned as Regimental Intelligence Officer.