Warlock Light Tank Destroyer

Warlock WLK-1A

Warlock Variant Record Sheet

When Dencourt and DeChevalier Armaments (D&D Arms) was originally formed, Counts Thomas Dencourt and Daniel DeChevalier were primarily concerned with getting the DAV225 fusion engines Royal D/C Fusion produced into the most successful Dencourt  product, the Heavy Tank. After demand for the Warforged died down, D&D Arms turned it’s attention to the Dencourt Light Tank Destroyer chassis. The chassis has a rugged suspension and an Achernar independent-wheel drive that provides a top speed of 118.8 km/h. With 2.5 tons of Corean Enterprises StarGuard III slab armor, this light Tank Destroyer can take direct hit from medium laser and keep on the pursuit. Since the D&D Warlock was produced on a secondary line, only three variants are known to exist.

Warlock WLK-1A – The original prototype and a departure from the Federated Suns heavy reliance on Autocannons, the -1A sports a turreted Magna Hellstar Particle Projector Cannon for long range supremacy, using the heatsinks built into the fusion engine to bleed the heat bloom inside the chassis. The fact that the -1A did not rely heavily on ammunition for it’s main cannon ensured that it would be used in the role of a raider. For short range punch, one Holly SRM-4 launcher with two tons of ammunition made sure that anybody who managed to get close would seriously regret the decision.

Warlock WLK-1B – Designed as a tongue and cheek answer for the Draconis Combine’s much vaunted Jenner, the -1B variant sports four Martell Model-5 medium lasers and two Holly SRM-4 launchers, sharing one ton of ammunition. With it’s short range weaponry, the -1B attempts to maneuver around larger targets to fire into the relatively unprotected rear section.

Warlock WLK-1C – Nicknamed “The Imp Master”, the -1C functions as an infantry support APC. The load out consists of four Martell Model-5 medium lasers, a quad-mounted MainFire machine gun array, and two Dencourt Heavy Grenade Launchers with two magazines for both anti-personnel and smoke grenades, all loaded into the turret. An infantry bay capable of supporting eight soldiers is incorporated into the chassis, but still keeps the same speed and maneuverability profile of the standard Warlock. The Imp Master can hold off both light mechs and infantry and still quickly deliver it’s cargo behind enemy lines.